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Trail motorcycle tours in Fuerteventura

Welcome to ORME TOURS, the off-road moto experience! Get ready to unleash your adventurous spirit in the Canary Islands with us, as we offer you a dose of MOTOTHERAPY! You’ll uncover everything from golden beaches and endless deserts to volcanic zones – it’s like travelling to another planet. Join us for an exhilarating motorcycle journey through paradise; our islands are designed for motorcycle enjoyment year-round. Our base in Fuerteventura is just the beginning. Join our family of explorers and embark on an experience that will etch unforgettable memories. Rev up for fun – a unique motorcycle journey awaits, packed with incredible adventures and discoveries! Will you miss out?

We only speak Spanish and English.

All our Off Road Motorbikes Tours

Our Bronze Tour

Discover the Essence of Fuerteventura in 4 Hours

🌄 Immerse yourself in the authentic Fuerteventura on our 6-hour Bronze Tour on off-road motorcycles. From dreamy dunes to volcanic landscapes, you’ll experience a one-of-a-kind adventure. Enjoy a local appetizer as you dive into the culture. Don’t miss the chance to explore the island in an exciting and safe way. Feel the thrill at every turn! Book now and live the perfect day ➜ Details of the Bronze Tour.


Our Silver Tour

Explore and Savor in 6 Hours

🏞️ Experience Fuerteventura at its best with the Silver Tour. 6 hours of wonderful off-road motorcycle rides. Discover amazing landscapes and enjoy a typical appetizer and light meal. The perfect blend of adventure and local flavor awaits you! Dare to explore with us! Reserve your spot now ➜ Details of the Silver Tour.

Rosalie from the Netherlands in the GOLD TOUR

Our Gold Tour

Complete 8-Hour Adventure

🌅 Dive into a full-day journey with the Gold Tour. 8 hours of off-road exploration including an appetizer, light meal, and dinner at a restaurant. Admire Fuerteventura’s diverse landscapes while indulging in local delights. Experience the full essence of the island in just one day! Are you ready for an epic journey? Reserve and don’t miss this adventure ➜ Details of the Gold Tour.

Our Platinum Tour

The Unforgettable All-Inclusive Week

🌴 If you’re seeking the ultimate adventure, the Platinum Tour is for you. A full week of thrilling off-road motorcycle rides! Discover the island in-depth with all-inclusive features: accommodation, meals, and unique experiences. Live seven unforgettable days exploring the true essence of Fuerteventura! Are you ready for the week of a lifetime? Secure your spot now ➜ Details of the Platinum Tour.


Our Diamond Service

The price of the Diamond Service is +175€ MORE than the Bronze, Silver or Gold tour, this day your tour is private, you and the guide, you can choose the time we start.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a unique experience in Fuerteventura with our off-road motorcycle tours. Reserve your adventure now and discover the island in an exciting and authentic way! We look forward to sharing unforgettable moments with you!

You need a motorcycle license drive A o A2

You need a motorcycle licence A or A2 to be able to ride, the motorbikes are for 1 rider only.

Our Motorbikes TRAIL-ENDURO Honda CRF250L

Nice and easy motorbikes to ride, perfect for beginners.

Single cylinder 4 stroke motorcycle, Displacement: 249 cm³, Power: 24 cv, Weight: 146 kg, Motorcycle license: A- A2

Our base location in Fuerteventura

We are located in a small village in the center of the Island, called Triquivijate, just 20 minutes ride from the airport, we can send via google maps our location so you can arrive easy to our base.

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What is Included in our Tour!!

Everything from clothing to protection is included on the day of the tour, all sizes are availible

We include, motorbike rental, petrol, off road clothes, all the protection equipment, backpack, Photographs, snack and lunch (depending on the tour) and the guide for the tour.

How can you PAY the tour

We can’t charge by card or POS, sorry for the inconvenience.

You can pay either by bank transfer or in cash on the day of the tour.


Do you have doubts and questions about our Trail motorcycle tours? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section on motorcycle tours and excursions in Fuerteventura, it will surely help you better understand our services before hiring the tour, follow the link for more information.

We hope to see you soon to enjoy a fun day with the motorcycles, if you have any questions you can contact us.