Motorcycle and Scooter rental Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is a perfect island to rent a motorbike and enjoy its wide landscapes.

Motorcycle Rental East Coast Rides in Caleta de Fuste

1- Do you want to rent a motorbike on your visit to Fuerteventura?

2- How is the weather in Fuerteventura?

3- What is the best season to ride a motorcycle?

4-How are the roads in Fuerteventura?

5- Where can I rent a motorcycle?

6- What type of motorcycle to rent in Fuerteventura?

*  Rent a scooter or motorcycle from 50cc to 125cc.

* Rent a motorcycle from 125cc to 300cc.

*  Rent a motorcycle from 300cc to 750cc.

*  Rent a motorcycle from 750cc to 1300cc.

*  Rent a motorcycle off road.

7- Do I have to leave a deposit when renting the motorcycle?

8- Is there a kilometer limit?

9- Can I rent a motorcycle with a car license?

10- Network of Gasoline stations in Fuerteventura.

11- What to visit with the rental motorcycle in Fuerteventura?

12- Connections to other islands with the motorcycle.

13 – Where to eat in Fuerteventura.

14- What would it be like to ride around Fuerteventura on a motorcycle?

15- Motorcycles and off road routes on the slopes of Fuerteventura?

16- Hire a guide to enjoy Fuerteventura on a motorcycle.

17- Where to stay with a motorcycle in Fuerteventura.

18- Dangers for the biker in Fuerteventura.

19- Motorcycle and scooter rental prices in Fuerteventura.

1- Do you want to rent a motorbike on your visit to Fuerteventura?

Surely you are planning your visit to the island of Fuerteventura and you would like to enjoy a motorcycle on your vacation, in this article you will obtain valuable information that may interest you to carry out your plan.

We will try to answer some of the usual questions from bikers who want to visit Fuerteventura and enjoy a few days on the island riding a motorcycle.

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2- How is the weather in Fuerteventura?

The island offers you an unbeatable climate, both in winter and summer, to enjoy a route or tour on a scooter, asphalt motorcycle or an off road motorcycle.

The island is very wide and flat, with few mountainous areas and low altitude, the clouds usually pass over the island and for this reason there is so little rainfall, there is little environmental humidity and the sea that surrounds us refreshes us, the trade winds During practically the whole year they travel the island from North to South, this keeps the temperatures mild and pleasant to enjoy the motorcycle.

Hot, muggy summers, without rain, dry and arid, windy, temperatures between 20°C and 40°C.

Cool, dry winters, with possible temporary rains and light winds, temperatures between 15°C and 25°C.

In Fuerteventura most of the year you enjoy clear blue skies, throughout the year the temperature is usually between 15 °C to 27 °C and rarely drops below 12 °C in winter or rises above 35 °C in summer. The average throughout the year is 25°C.

 In summary, you will be able to enjoy excellent weather, wonderful asphalt, dry and in good condition for a great motorcycle ride 365 days a year. You dare?

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3- What is the best season to ride a motorcycle?

Undoubtedly for most of the European bikers who have visited us, winter is the best season to enjoy a motorcycle in the Canary Islands, while Europe suffers from rain, snow and low temperatures, here we will enjoy blue skies, low humidity , warm temperature and a pleasant climate, especially Fuerteventura is one of the islands with a warmer climate and in winter you have an ideal temperature of about 20 to 25 degrees, we also have the refreshing trade winds, this offers you a stable and dry climate , perfect to fully enjoy the motorcycle on the roads of Fuerteventura.

Summer is the hottest time, but it is also the time of the typical wind that, on the one hand, surprises those who are not used to living in places with wind, it will be very easy for you to adapt to it, as you cover kilometers with the motorcycle in the island, but on the other hand it is greatly appreciated because it is responsible for the temperatures not rising excessively, they almost never exceed 35 or 40 degrees, you will feel very comfortable here going out with a summer jacket, well ventilated and enjoying endless kilometers in the beautiful and wide desert landscapes that the island offers you.

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4-How are the roads in Fuerteventura?

The roads are of very good quality since most of them are only a few years old, the island has grown a lot in a few years and between the income from tourism and European aid they have had a budget to maintain or build roads of very good quality.

The island of Fuerteventura has sections of modern highways, many main roads with excellent asphalt and a wide network of secondary roads, fun and with very little traffic, widely used by bikers who know the island in depth.

All the tourist areas such as Corralejo, Cotillo, Caleta de Fuste, Costa Calma and Morro Jable have great road connections and it will be very easy to get there from the airport or the capital Puerto del Rosario.

All the roads are very well signposted, this will allow you to drive very safely both day and night, enjoy winding mountain roads, lonely and narrow roads in the small towns that you will find throughout the island and fast, modern and fun highways , all accompanied by a pleasant summer temperature.

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5- Where can I rent a motorcycle?

We suggest the best businesses to rent your motorcycle, with the certainty that you will not get any unpleasant surprises, you will not have to look for more information, here we offer you all the motorcycle rentals on the island, with detailed information on their offer, location with a map, contact information and their social networks.

We hope this information helps you by saving you time when organizing your motorcycle holidays in Fuerteventura.

If you know of any new motorcycle rental business in Fuerteventura that is not here, you can let us know in our contact and we will include it, thanks for your help.

Motorcycle rental in Corralejo



Motorcycle rental in Cotillo


Motorcycle rental in Puerto del Rosario


Motorcycle rental in Caleta de Fuste



Motorcycle rental in Tarajalejo


Motorcycle rental in La Pared


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6- What type of motorcycle to rent in Fuerteventura?

Tourists arrive on the island with a certain taste for the motorcycle they would like to rent, here we can summarize what offer you can find on the island and how it can be best adapted to your needs, let’s take the displacements as a reference:

Motorcycles from 50cc to 125cc

Motorcycles from 125cc to 300cc

Motorcycles from 300cc to 750cc

Motorcycles from 750cc to 1300cc

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Scooter Honda PCX125 – Motorcycle Rental East Coast Rides in Caleta de Fuste

Rent a motorcycle from 50cc to 125cc:

This is the cheapest and easiest option, it helps you to explore the area where you are staying, to make quick trips to the restaurant, to the beach and you can also explore the island, but in this case we recommend that you rent at least a 125cc.

It is also a perfect option for those who only have a B car license, have recently obtained an A2 license and still cannot drive large displacement motorcycles.

In this segment you can find scooters and 125cc gear motorcycles, it is the most common type of motorcycle that you can find in motorcycle rental businesses.

Martyna from Poland, with her CRF250L from Motorcycle Rental MOTOASK in Corralejo

Rent a motorcycle between 125cc and 300cc:

This is the best option for pilots with little experience, who want to explore the island in a calm way, these small displacement motorcycles are booming and are in high demand, they can be rented for a very cheap price, they require little deposit and it is enough to enjoy the great roads and the radiant sun while exploring Fuerteventura.

BRIXTON Crossfire 500 X – Motorcycle Rental East Coast Rides in Caleta de Fuste

Rent a motorcycle between 300cc and 750cc:

Without a doubt, it is the type of motorcycle with the most demand among bikers, those who are accustomed to regular use of the motorcycle in their place of origin and also those who travel with a companion, this displacement is adequate to ride comfortably, motorcycles powerful and with good features, the largest offer ranges between 500cc and 750cc, both the deposit and the rental price increase, but it is undoubtedly the best option for a biker with a minimum of experience, you can ride comfortably both on fast tracks as in urban areas.

Views of the Tindaya Mountain, en route with the Yamaha XJR 1300 SP

Rent a motorcycle between 750cc and 1300cc:

This is considered the queen class, the motorcycles with the highest displacement, reserved for the demanding and experienced biker, these toys are not easy to control, if you are inexperienced we recommend going with a lower displacement, for your own safety.

The biker who is used to these high displacement motorcycles does not settle for something inferior, he is aware of how fun and exciting it is to drive one of these missiles. Fuerteventura is paradise for these high displacement motorcycles, its wide landscapes, long High visibility roads, warm temperatures and excellent asphalt are the perfect combination to take advantage of these powerful machines, you will feel like a little boy in a candy store.

Now comes the bad news, in Fuerteventura there is currently no motorcycle rental that offers motorcycles of 1000cc or higher displacement, only in Gran Canarias and Tenerife, the neighboring islands, you can find these spectacular motorcycles, we hope that in the near future this change. Both its rental price and its security deposit are usually high, but it is reasonable considering that you are renting a high-performance missile.

Rent an off road motorcycle in Fuerteventura.

There is currently no motorcycle rental that offers off road motorcycles and in case of offering Trail or Adventure motorcycles, such as Africa Twin, they will inform you when renting it that you cannot use it on off road tracks.

This happens in all the Canary Islands, in Fuerteventura there are several companies that offer guided tours where you can use off-road motorcycles and take long routes on dirt tracks.

You have all the information about these companies in the section Where to rent a motorcycle.

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7- Do I have to leave a deposit when renting the motorcycle?

Without a doubt, they will require a deposit with your credit card or in cash for any motorcycle you rent, the amount will depend on the displacement of the motorcycle, the larger the displacement, the greater the deposit.

These deposits could range from €300 to €1000, it depends on each business, this is usually specified in the rental conditions, check with the business where you want to rent your motorcycle.

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8- Is there a kilometer limit?
En route through Lajares with the Suzuki DR-Z 400 SM from Motorcycle Rental MOTOASK in Corralejo

Most of the companies where you can rent a motorbike on the island offer you unlimited kilometres, in some cases they give you a daily limit and from there you will have to pay an extra amount per kilometre, check the rental conditions to avoid taking surprises.

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9- Can I rent a motorcycle or scooter with a car license?
Tours with TRIKES in Fuerteventura with Fuertetrikes Cool Runnings in Caleta de Fuste.

In Spain you can drive motorcycles only with the B car license, this license allows you to drive motorcycles or scooters with displacements between 50cc and 125cc, Quads of any displacement are also included.

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10- Network of Gasoline stations in Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura has a wide and modern network of service stations, it will be very easy for you from anywhere on the island to access a station where you can refuel.

Gasoline is of high quality and prices are usually considerably cheaper than in Europe.

These shops usually have a large mini market where you can buy snacks and soft drinks, many have a cafeteria within their facilities or you can find one in the surroundings.

In case you have an electric car, the charging network is practically non-existent, there are only chargers in a few specific places on the island.

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11- What to visit with the rental motorcycle in Fuerteventura?
Samantha from the UK with the Honda CBR600F4i in the Dunes of Corralejo

The list of places of interest that you can visit on the island is very extensive, without a doubt you will be able to enjoy a lot of excellent roads, with good asphalt and little traffic, but it is also a very important part of the motorcycle route, the places to stop at rest, eat, discover places of interest, take pictures and enjoy the wide, calm and inhospitable desert landscapes of the island of Fuerteventura.

We are working to offer you three possible routes to tour the island with ease and enjoy the most of each day on the motorcycle, for example, dividing the island into three, North, Center and South, will soon be available to you.

The paper map is still the best to plan the route through Fuerteventura.

For now we recommend that you buy a paper map, even if you have google on your mobile phone, this paper map offers you an overview of the island where it is much easier to plan your route and locate places that you are interested in visiting and they usually have suggestions interesting to you.

Depending on your interest, you can visit the network of museums on the island, the most beautiful beaches in Europe, small towns full of charm and gastronomy, many panoramic and photogenic places, historical monuments and all this while enjoying the pleasure of driving the motorcycle on a paradisiacal island, Fuerteventura, a place to discover on a motorcycle.

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12- Connections to other islands with the motorcycle.

All the 7 Canary Islands are connected to each other by Ferry, before traveling, check with the motorcycle rental if there is any problem in traveling to another island with the rented motorcycle.

This ferry is the perfect transport to jump from one island to another with your motorbike. The island of Fuerteventura has a direct connection with Lanzarote, Gran Canarias and Tenerife.

Visit the Shipping Companies of Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura > Lanzarote (from the dock of Corralejo > Playa Balnca).

The journey takes approximately 30min.

It has a Ferry every hour, from Monday to Sunday, consult companies.

Fred Olsen – Naviera Armas

Fuerteventura > La Palma (from the dock of Puerto del Rosario > S.C. de la Palma).

The journey takes approximately 1d.

It has a Ferry 4 days a month, consult companies.

Naviera Armas

Fuerteventura > Gran Canarias (from the dock of Puerto del Rosario > Las Palmas).

The journey takes approximately 6h.

It has a Ferry 4 days a week, consult companies.

Naviera Armas

Fuerteventura > Gran Canarias (from the dock of Morro Jable).

The journey takes approximately 2h.

It has several Ferries a day, from Monday to Sunday, consult companies.

Fred Olsen – Naviera Armas

Fuerteventura > Tenerife (from the dock of Puerto del Rosario).

The journey takes approximately 10h.

It has almost a Ferry every day, from Monday to Sunday, consult companies.

Naviera Armas

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There are many places where you can enjoy the delicious gastronomy of the island, we could recommend 3 ways to eat very well on a motorcycle tour day in Fuerteventura.

Baked roast leg (pork) sandwich with majorero cheese and aioli.

The best for breakfast or a mid-morning snack are the typical sandwiches that you can order in practically any bar on the island.

Tapa of Lapas (seafood) with mojo a la Plancha with local beer (quintillo).

The perfect food for lunch on a motorcycle day are tapas, delicious and light food, with a wide range of different options and unique flavors on the island, then you can continue on the road.

Fuerteventura fish croquettes

The offer is infinite, especially in tourist areas, there is an offer of all kinds of typical, international or more everyday foods, you can have a strong meal to rest and regain strength to enjoy another great motorcycle route the next day.

Majorero Cheese Tart – Fuerteventura Goat Cheese

Undoubtedly, the best way to find these places is with the help and advice of the local inhabitants, these places are usually in non-tourist areas or on interior roads of the island, it must also be taken into account that ordering local dishes or tapas is not It’s easy, when you don’t know their cuisine and the names of their native dishes, the perfect way to discover these places and their local gastronomy is with a guide who knows where to go and what to order.

14- What would it be like to ride around Fuerteventura on a motorcycle?

You almost always see the sea, this is a characteristic of the island and especially when climbing any mountainous area, the wide landscapes end in a blue sea.

Samantha from the UK with the Yamaha XJR 1300 SP at the beach from Castillo in Caleta de Fuste.

You have a lot of visibility on the roads, there is no vegetation and there are no high mountains, most of the island is full of plains and valleys, this allows you to have a lot of visibility when driving, provides you with security and you will enjoy a very pleasant drive.

Little traffic in general, especially during the week, you can find lonely roads in the interior of the island or local and secondary areas, on main roads you will have more traffic but very fluid and with many areas to pass, in the capital a little more stress but no queues or traffic jams, easy parking, many shops and security for you and your motorcycle.

Samantha from the United Kingdom with the Honda CB 1300, views of the Dunes of Corralejo, Lobos Island and Lanzarote.

The asphalt is excellent on the island of Fuerteventura, most of the sections are new, like the motorway, the rest is in perfect condition, it is usually clean and with a good temperature, it offers you perfect grip, a paradise for riding a motorcycle , an enviable place to enjoy your favorite toy.

Infinite straight lines and winding mountain areas.

As we have explained to you, the island offers you very good roads, good weather, hospitality of the local people, many places to eat well and also many places of interest, museums or landscapes where you can take fantastic photos.

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15- Motorcycles and off road routes on the slopes of Fuerteventura?
Our friend Claudia the photographer from the Netherlands but resident in Fuerteventura, she exploring the island with the Honda CRF250Rally

Fuerteventura is a paradise for lovers of Trail or 4X4 routes, here you can enjoy a wide network of dirt tracks (off road) that run throughout the island, you can spend days touring the island through this labyrinth of dirt roads, these tracks are usually in very good condition, the main ones are well maintained by public authorities, with a fleet of heavy machinery run by expert drivers and workers who keep them in perfect condition for vehicle traffic, only in times of rain has to be especially careful because they tend to suffer a lot of damage, but the government workers are very efficient and usually repair them quickly.

Then it has a network of secondary tracks without maintenance due to their little importance to connect areas of the island, these are usually reserved for 4X4 vehicles and more experienced pilots in these areas.

Car and motorcycle rentals prohibit their clients from driving on these tracks, it is easy to damage vehicles or have an accident if you are inexperienced, many tourists get lost in the labyrinth of tracks and end up in inhospitable places with their vehicle stuck, companies rental can have their vehicles geolocated and if they see that they circulate on these tracks you can suffer economic sanctions.

There are many excursion companies on the island that offer walks or routes along these tracks, buggys, quads, motorcycles, jeeps, 4X4s, bicycles, safaris… we recommend that you go to these professional companies to enjoy off roading in Fuerteventura.

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16- Hire a local guide to explore Fuerteventura on a motorbike.

Undoubtedly there are bikers who want to explore alone or with companions but on their own, but there are also many bikers and travelers who like to enjoy the services of a local guide, the advantages are many, they know it and value it very much, but On the other hand, this supposes an additional cost that many do not want to pay, but those who assume the coast know that they will be rewarded by making the most of their time and discovering places and peculiarities of the place that they would never do alone.

Saving time: You will not have to worry about anything on the day of the motorcycle tour in Fuerteventura, route, stops, places to visit, where to eat, what to eat, customs of the place, dangers of the place and understand many of the things that discover on your tour, all this will be done for you, you just have to drive, enjoy and let yourself be pampered.

Everything to be under control: This concept is priceless, from the first moment you will know that you will get the most out of your motorcycle routes, you will not have to worry about anything, you will only have to follow the guide, let yourself go and enjoy without any worries in your mind.

Luca from Germany, eating some tapas of typical dishes at Los Molinos in Fuerteventura.

Gastronomy: Discovering the local gastronomy and the best places to enjoy it is not an easy task if you do not know the place or its customs, you can only taste typical dishes and in traditional places, without fear of being wrong, with someone local, with the minimum cost. eating the best local dishes and in the best businesses, being alone you will end up in the most touristy, eating the usual and paying a fortune.

Locations: The small towns and localities, usually have beautiful places, it is not usually easy to reach them, with the help of the local guide you will be able to discover them all, with the added value of explaining the history and peculiarities of these discoveries, postcard places full of tradition And beauty.

Michael from United States – USA – taking souvenir photos in Llanos Pelados.

Photogenic places: Undoubtedly one of the most valuable memories on your motorcycle routes, after your memories of the experience, are the photos, the only way to discover the best places to take these photos, quickly and easily, is with a guide local, at the end of the day you will have a priceless collection of the best places on the island to remember your experience in the future or to show your loved ones the beautiful places you have visited.

Jose from Madrid, Spain and Javier on a route through Fuerteventura, Costas Calmas beach.

Adapted route: Each biker has preferences when it comes to enjoying motorcycle routes, how do you have more fun with the motorcycle? Some driving as much as possible all day, others with many stops along the way, some visiting local museums and monuments, others just want to enjoy inhospitable and lonely places, the possibilities are endless, the person who knows well the environment where you will be on a motorcycle tour will be able to adapt the route and the day to what you consider to be a good day on a motorcycle.

Interpret the place: The most beautiful thing about exploring the world on a motorcycle is discovering and feeling new places or places that excite you in some way, alone you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, but when you travel on a motorcycle to a place you don’t know, you can find traditions that are different from yours, climate, relief, politics, history that you do not know, do not understand and cannot interpret, the local guide will offer you the possibility of understanding the details of the places that you will see on your tour, this will enrich your mind and fill you with knowledge.

Roland from Germany at Castillo beach and Aljibe de la Cueva beach in the town of El Cotillo.

A good local guide: Being a good guide is not easy, finding and hiring a good guide is not easy either, you have to have many virtues to be a professional guide, someone who is kind, educated, positive, cheerful, modest, educated and with conversation topics, who makes you feel safe, comfortable, understands your concerns and knows how to set the times and priorities at all times, is not easy to find.

When hiring a local guide you will have to look for some information or references about him, you will put your safety, that of your possible companion, your money and your time in his hands, you will have to listen to your instinct and decide if you hire his services, look for one with a good reputation, even if you have to pay more for their services.

Understand that in this way you will enjoy your motorcycle routes in Fuerteventura as much as possible on your vacation and by paying for this guide’s service you will have made the most of the most precious asset you have in your life, your time!

If you consider these reasons reasonable and can bear the economic cost, we recommend that you follow this link that will help you find local biker guides in a Google search.

Motorcycle tour guide in Fuerteventura

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17- Where to stay with a motorcycle in Fuerteventura.
Motorbikes in the Dunes of Corralejo, Hotel Riu Oliva Beach Resort.

We want to offer a list of Hotels, Apartments and Villas where you can stay on your vacation and that have parking for the motorcycle, so that you can rest easy knowing that your motorcycle is well kept, in a safe and private area.

As we have information on the offer of establishments, we will include them on the web.

If you know of any Hotel, Apartment or Villas with this service, please let us know in CONTACTS and we will include it in the list, thanks for your help.

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18- Dangers for the biker in Fuerteventura.

The goats:

On the island of Fuerteventura there are wild goats that roam free, they are dangerous because sometimes they cross the roads, on the margins of many roads you will see metal mesh fences, they are there to prevent the goats from going to the roads with vehicle traffic.

Due to the desert climate there is very little vegetation for the goats to eat, the asphalt roads do not absorb the water and direct it to the margins, this causes that in these margins is where there is more vegetation and attracts the goats to eat, when passing With the motorcycle they can get scared and run in the direction of the road, this causes accidents, watch the margins, especially in fast areas.


Many traffic accidents on the island are caused by miscalculating the time needed to overtake, there are many long straights where you drive at high speeds, especially local drivers, have to perform the overtaking maneuver quickly and safely, the consequence to do it wrong is a frontal collision, with high displacement motorcycles it is very easy to overtake quickly, but with less powerful motorcycles you will have to be more careful and calculate the maneuver well.

Dune areas:

In areas of dunes and sand such as Corralejo (north) or Jandia (south), sand accumulates on the road due to the wind, you can find mounds of sand on the shoulders or margins and sometimes in the center of the road on very busy days. wind, these can cause you to lose control of the motorcycle, be especially careful in these areas.


In Fuerteventura we have wind practically all year round, local bikers are used to it and it doesn’t affect them, if you have never driven with wind, be especially careful, if the wind shakes you you should relax, it’s like a wave in the sea, you should let yourself go a little and then return to your correct position on the road, the more rigid you are and the worse you resist its force, be especially careful when overtaking or crossing large vehicles, buses and trucks, these can produce gaps and jerks when passing.

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19- Motorcycle and scooter rental prices in Fuerteventura.

We give you some prices that can serve as a reference for renting a motorcycle in Fuerteventura, we give you approximate prices per displacement.

*  Price of a scooter or motorcycle from 50cc to 125cc.

Between €40 and €60 / Day.

* Price of a motorcycle from 125cc to 300cc.

Between €60 and €80 / Day.

*  Price of a motorcycle from 300cc to 750cc.

Between €80 and €150 / Day.

*  Price of a motorcycle from 750cc to 1300cc.

Between €150 and €200 / Day.

*  Price of an off road motorcycle.

Between €150 and €200 / Day.

These prices are from 2023, they can change for many reasons such as inflation, if you consider that these prices are not up to date or are not correct, we would appreciate it if you let us know in our CONTACT to correct them.

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