Tour route

Route of the motorcycle tour in Fuerteventura

Our route is quite long, we have the largest tour of all tours organized with guide, in off road motor vehicles on the island of Fuerteventura. A bit long for a novice rider and enough for an expert, but all the customers agree and have the same conclusions after the tour;

Customer reviews of the Fuerteventura tour

The beauty of the landscapes.

A fun tour.

Comfortable riding rhythm, no pressure.

We touched very few populated places.

We respect the environment without leaving the tracks.

Very photogenic places.

Good food and hospitality.

Want to repeat the tour! 😉

With an approximate distance of 150 km our route is one of the longest and most beautiful you can go on the island of Fuerteventura, thanks to the guide that shows you the route, the dangers, the interesting stops, places to take photos and explain the history of many of those places you visit, you will have a vision of Fuerteventura and its territory that is reserved for very few tourists.

Practically the whole of the route is by dirt tracks and inhospitable and desolate places, typical of the desert territories. Only sometimes we cross an asphalt road or small links to connect some tracks with others.

In recent years the growth in the island, in infrastructure, housing and population has been so great that it is almost impossible to find places where there are no human constructions.

90% of the tracks we run are in good condition, only in times of rain we can find some broken sections but are usually repaired by municipalities quickly with heavy machinery, the authorities usually repair and condition all these tracks from time to time.

Do not hesitate to join this adventure with us, you will not regret it, we will adapt to your level of riding and we will do everything possible to make the most of the experience.

Without a doubt, the best day of your vacation … 😉 We are waiting for you.

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