Photographer Fiona Madden.

Photographer Fiona Madden on a motorcycle tour in Fuerteventura.

In this article I tell you about my friend Fiona Madden who visited the Island, she traveled from Ireland to Fuerteventura, she wanted to discover the landscapes of this island, to have contact with the most desert island of the archipelago of the Canary Islands.

Fiona contacted by email to propose an excursion on the enduro motorcycle through Fuerteventura with the aim of visiting some photogenic points, even though she did not have all of her photographic equipment. Foina had her GoPro and with that we could have a lot of fun taking some photos, these cameras are perfect for the enduro tour or any action sports as they are very robust, waterproof and you can capture videos and photos of very good quality.

I have to admit that from the beginning I loved the idea, I like photography, motorcycles and Fuerteventura, Fiona is also a very kind and simple person that shows that she enjoys everything she does with passion, these are the perfect ingredients for enjoying a fun day full of optimism.

Fiona has a Yamaha WR250 Supermotar motorbike in Ireland, she also has experience with the Moutain Bikes of descent, this gives her a good base to start off with on the off road, we went out with the Honda CRF250L a very easy motorcycle and with which Fiona felt comfortable from the beginning, she adapted very quickly to both the bike and the typical desert terrain of the island, hard and stony tracks, this allowed us to have a good pace of rhythm.

We met early to go out with the first light of day and try to take some good pictures early, the light at dawn is golden and soft, for me it was very frustrating since I wanted to take her to many beautiful places to take pictures but we only had time to reach very few before the strong sunlight of midmorning, I had to choose some spots and discard many others. Later I felt very happy to see how Fiona enjoyed and she fell in love with the places we visited.

Fiona worked with the GoPro at each stop, studied the place, the possible options and went into action, taking a lot of photos from incredible angles, I have to admit that I enjoyed watching her work, I understood that the experience was much more important, knowledge and creativity that she had to get a good photo, more than the sophisticated photographic equipment, try to learn everything possible by seeing it in action.

The Gopro is perfect for this kind of photography, with it’s first person view points as well as it’s complete durability! Fiona knows how to use the Gopro to it’s best potential! Taking valuable DSLR camera equipment on an enduro motorcycle is not an option, especially in an area as dry and dusty and Fuerteventura.

After many kilometers, many photos and lots of laughter, we begin to notice the tiredness, we decided to finish for the day and return home making a stop to enjoy a good meal that the body needed so much after having burned so many calories, hot weather also tires a lot when you live in a cold place like Ireland and you arrive to Fuerteventura to do an extreme sport, in the sun and with high temperatures, but no doubt satisfied by so many moments of fun.

Fiona and I are still in contact with the project to repeat the experience with more time and better photographic equipment, I will design a route as best as possible to make the most of the day and the talent of Fiona with her cameras. It is also very important to continue working on the riding technique and physical resistance to reach more spectacular places, but all this gives you the vision that you always have the option to improve and get further with motorcycles and photography.

Will we have a second part of this article? time will tell.
I will leave the contact links of Fiona Madden, I recommend you visit them to discover some fantastic photos and videos.

Visit the website from Fiona Madden Photography

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