Information about the excursion or off-road bike tour in Fuerteventura.

Number of clients.

Our motorcycle tours have a small number of customers, as we only have 4 motorcycles, so the experience with the customer is a more personalized treatment, in these small groups we will always adapt to the pace of the rider with the less level of experience.

The weather.

The climate is tropical, hot and with little humidity. The island only has 2 seasons .

Winter: Slight rain, only occasional days, mild winds and temperatures between 20 to 25 degrees most of the days.

Summer: No rain, only sun and heat, mild and strong winds and temperatures between 30 and 35 degrees most of the days, sometimes we have calima (dust in the air that comes from Africa).


The route has 90% dirt roads, off road, and 10% asphalt, the routes are comfortable tracks with magnificent views, the tour is closed and complies with local authority legislation, we have some alternative routes depending on the level of riding of the customers, this tour can be changed for weather reasons or the state of the trails.

Type of land.

The terrain of the trails is usually hard, dirt compacted, especially by the passing of vehicles heavier than motorcycles, very dry and dusty due to lack of rain, slippery by the dust or fine gravel that usually covers the surface and in some stretches more stony what demands the maximum attention of the rider. We can also find areas of deep dust and gravel where the wheel takes a little more to pass through.


Our tour is always adapted to the customer who has less experience, it can be boring for an expert if we have a newbie in the group, but it is a logical reason that puts the group’s safety first.

All our clients enjoy the tours very much, simple for the most novices and fun for the most experts. We tend to try to form groups by level of experience.

Distance in km.

The approximate distance of the tour is 125 Kilometers, can vary according to the experience of the rider or the climat and the state of the tracks.


During the tour we will make several stops, some to see interesting places of the island and others to eat or have a snack. These stops are highly anticipated by a newbie after a while of riding with the motorcycles, the lack of technique or physical preparation makes the forearms,and back get tired a lot and when not riding standing on the bike, your bottom can become knumb from the bumps

Most riders mistakes our down to tiredness so it is very important that if you feel that you can not keep up the pace do not strain yourself and ride slower for the guide to notice so you enjoy the ride without stress.

Collection and duration.

First you will be picked up at the ORME offices in Caleta de Fuste at 9am to take you to the base, if you come from Corralejo you will be picked up at the Puerto del Rosario bus stop. The duration of the tour is 4 hours, departure at 10am from the base and return at 2pm. After a refreshing drink you will be taken back to your hotel.

Standards and possible sanctions.

The guide will comment on some basic rules of the tour, follow his instructions exactly.

If at any time the guide considers that he is endangering his own safety, or his companions or of the motorcycle, he can stop the tour and call to have you picked up and taken back to your hotel.

Here you have everything you need to know about Orme Tours, do you join the adventure? …