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Our motorbikes for excursions in Fuerteventura.

 Hondas CRF 250 L from 2017

A trail motorcycle and enduro of easy handling, very agile, with a noble behavior, low consumption and with all possible technology in emissions of gases to respect the environment.

This motorcycle is inspired by the famous Honda CRF motorcycles of high competition, taking the best of these and the best of their trail models have developed this exquisite motorcycle.

With a ground clearance of 255mm and a seat height of 875mm you get a combination of amazing performance, we can enjoy the course and the off road safely, this height to the ground is more of an enduro. At the same time with great comfort for the rider who enjoys a comfortable low seat and comfortable trails, perfect for riders who do not ride standing.

The driving position is fantastic both on asphalt and on off road, its incredible chassis makes the bike go wherever you want, both long straights and fast turns as you will be surprised by its ease of use, perfect for beginners to off road.

The engine is a 1 cylinder of 250 cc that comes inherited from the legendary CBR 250 of asphalt, all the ample experience accumulated in this propeller has adapted to this motorcycle of field, we obtain thus a sweet engine but with power, you will have alot of fun without being scared, soft in low revolutions but with thrust in highs, all this power well dosed will make you have a lot of confidence on the motorcycle and your possible failures when driving will be noticed less than with a motor of competition.

After reading this you surely want to get on this bike and enjoy a good ride on desert tracks, open spaces, isolated and unpopulated places, the best food, good company and an expert guide. You just have to worry about is enjoying yourself.

Here’s a video, operation of the injection engine on the  Honda CRF 250 L

Here’s a video of a test of the motorcycle  Honda CRF 250 L

Join a ride with ORME you have fun guaranteed.

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