Backtrax in Fuerteventura.

History of Backtrax in Fuerteventura.

David pilotando la Husqvarna EC250 en Fuerteventura.

Backtrax, off road motorcycle tours, the history of this company of excursions in Fuerteventura, one of the largest on the island dedicated to the world of motorcycles off road on the island.
Here I will tell you the story, as I was always linked in some way to this activity untill it closed to the public.

The owners of the company Backtrax.

The company passed through three owners, was founded by Johnny who spent several years working, until the transfer to David which was the most active and finally the transfer to Nigel who was the last owner until the closure.

David guiando a un grupo de clientes en un tour.

What is Backtrax Fuerteventura?

It was a company that ran excursions and tours on enduro bikes covering the tracks on the island of Fuerteventura, they supplied you with enduro clothes, a motorcycle, a guide and for the day riding the trails through the beautiful landscapes of the island, including Stops to enjoy the gastronomy in the best local bars and restaurants in the areas you visit.

Backtrax and Javier Nieves.

I was always in contact with this company throughout its history, from its creation to its closure, in these articles I will tell you how was my career and my collaboration with Backtrax until it was dissolved and I decided to create ORME with this experience and to be able to continue to enjoy and share with others the pleasure of riding a motorcycle every day.

Las instalaciones que tenia Backtrax en Caleta de Fuste.

Situation of the company in Caleta de Fuste.

Based in Caleta de Fuste, they had the administrative office and all the equipment and bikes.

Motos Husqvarna EC250 y ropa nueva para los tours.

Motorcycles off road or enduro.

The best stage of the company was with David who acquired new Husqvarna bikes, the EC250 4T, these were very fun bikes, they also had very good equipment, that was all brand new.
The Honda XR600R, the KTM LC4 640 and the Suzuki DR400 were also used.

La furgoneta con la que recogían a los clientes.

Backtrax services.

They offered an all-inclusive service in the price, in 2006 they paid about € 175 per tour, that included pick-up at your hotel, equipment, gasoline, motorcycle, guide, snack, food and return to the hotel.

Now ORME offers the same but at a better price and trying to improve the service.

Here you have different articles that tell you about each stage of the history of Backtrax in Fuerteventura.

Remember that now you have the opportunity to do these tours with me at ORME.

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